The One Brooklyn Fund, Inc. is a city-affiliated nonprofit organization that is required to follow the rules of full disclosure, as mandated by the laws of the New York City Conflict of Interest Board, to determine whether it may accept your donation. We need to disclose any donors who have business dealings with the City. Please fill out the information listed below. Following completion of the form, you will be directed to the page to purchase tickets to the Gala. Thank you!

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New York City Administration Code Section 3-902(a)(6) requires that the name of any donor’s spouse or domestic partner must be checked in the New York City Doing Business Database. If found, they must be disclosed to the NYC Conflict of Interest Board.

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One Brooklyn Fund may accept contributions from donors under the age of 18 if provided the full name of both legal parents/guardians. If you are under 18, please enter the name(s) of your parent(s):

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