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It has often been said that a trip to Brooklyn is like a trip around the world./

International Day of Friendship is celebrated around the world as countries partake in a variety of events to promote peace and unity. With nearly one million foreign-born residents living in Brooklyn, Borough President Eric L. Adams recognizes that Brooklyn is a diverse melting pot, which makes our borough the perfect place to host an International Day of Friendship Celebration. Our mission is to build One Brooklyn: bridging gaps between cultures and making bonds of friendship that connect people in all communities throughout Brooklyn and the world.


    • Brooklyn has a population of over 2.6 million residents and is the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs. If Brooklyn were a separate city, it would be the 4th most populous city in America.


    • Brooklyn’s residents represent over 130 countries.


    • There are over 180 ethnicities represented in Brooklyn.


    • Over 90 languages are spoken in Brooklyn.


    • While 12.9 percent of Americans are foreign born, over 37.4 percent of Brooklyn residents are foreign born.


    • Over 47 percent of Brooklyn residents speak a second language in their homes.


    • Brooklyn is made up of over 70 neighborhoods with diverse cultural enclaves.


    • Brooklyn has over 700 cultural and arts institutions, offering a rich experience for locals and tourists alike.


    • Brooklyn has one of the greatest concentrations of artists, art organizations, art publications, alternative spaces, curators, and galleries specializing in emerging artists studios in the country.


    • Brooklyn’s official motto is “Eendraght Maeckt Maght” which translates to “Unity makes strength” (early spelling of Dutch language – displayed on Brooklyn’s Flag and Seal.)


    • Brooklyn has thousands of diverse restaurants that offer a plethora of ethnic delicacies.

The Unity Parade of Flags will kick off the International Day of Friendship celebration. In the spirit of friendship, we will have our youth and country delegates carrying the flags of 195 countries. Starting at 1:00 PM, delegates and parade marchers will walk from Long Island University to Brooklyn Borough Hall along Fulton Mall, accompanied by entertainers. Delegates from each country will stand and hold hands, with young people from neighborhoods across Brooklyn forming a human chain around the People’s House. As parade marchers stand with their country’s delegate, there will be a ceremonial handing off of the flag to show the significance of bridging the gap between generations and throughout the world’s people.

The Global Village will provide attendees with the opportunity to feel, hear, see, and touch culture in an interactive, meaningful way. You will see traditional cultural attire (clothing, fabrics, and jewelry), historical information (country’s flag as well as information about people who influenced the country and its culture), traditional items (famous stories, pottery, myths, tools, or utensils), arts (artists, authors, books, calligraphy, drawings, instruments, poets, music/musicians, paintings), famous athletes/sports memorabilia, cookbooks and recipes, language(s) spoken, and interesting fun facts.

Brooklyn Fusion: A Cultural Conversation will explore how we hold onto our cultural identity. We have all heard of the melting pot and the salad bowl, but how does the fusion of art, cuisine, and language impact our cultural identity? Together, this dialogue will explore what makes our culture unique, while defining the very complex social norms that come with it.

Culture is a cornerstone of national identity and pride. International Day of Friendship will highlight performances specific to continental regions to expose Brooklynites to the rich diversity found in their backyard. A diverse array of organizations will have the opportunity to highlight their culture through readings, dance, or music. These performances are sure to be a treat for those who are in attendance.

What better way to orientate yourself with a new country or culture than through food and drinks? Food is a very important part of a person’s day, so why not nourish the people of Brooklyn with unique cuisine from all around the world? International Day of Friendship will give Brooklynites a unique treat; there will be food trucks offering a taste of cuisine found around the world.

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